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I want to help you improve your financial situation and save for the future without sacrificing your happiness in the present.

Whether you want to save for a deposit on your first home, travel the world or achieve financial independence, I’m passionate about supporting you as you work towards getting the life you want.

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I had recently graduated from university and was earning very little.

I was renting a tiny room in a mouldy apartment with a hole in the bathroom ceiling.

I was living pay cheque to pay cheque, I’d spent all my savings, and I’d splurge every penny of disposable income on nights out, takeaways and clothes.

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  • I love everything Jenni writes! She is a professional and knows everything about money.
  • Before I started reading Can't Swing A Cat, I have zero savings and couldn't buy anything I wanted. Now I'm a millionaire!
  • I could never have bought my house without Jenni's help! She's a top gal

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